Effective Hair Loss Treatment with DHT Blockers

DHT is created when an enzyme called 5-alpha Reductase turns testosterone into DHT which is the main cause of hair thinning and reduced hairlines especially in men. Today, there are some products that contain the proper blend of herbs and minerals that work with 5-alpha Reductase to create DHT blockers. When these supplements and other products offer the proper ingredients in the right amount, the damaging effect of DHT are blocked. As a result, Men between the age of 18 and 40 are also known to experience a re-growth or lost hair.

Treatment of hair loss involving DHT

Most variety of hair loss remedies involves anti-inflammatory motives that prevent redness and itching is known to worsen the hair loss or contain growth stimulant. However, there are plenty of treatment options that involve DHT. Some methods rely on the ant androgens that affect the combination or binding of DHT with androgen receptors. The other approach includes the DHT inhibitors which are designed to create an acceptable balance between hair shedding and re-growth by controlling the production of DHT. These are commonly known as the natural DHT blockers.

DHT blocker products

You need to have a careful judgment and carry out adequate research so that you can select the most effective option of the hair loss treatment t and prevention products. This is because currently, there are a variety of products and brands in the market. The following are some of these products that have gained popularity in terms of usefulness and effectiveness:

  • Procerin

This is seen as one of the leaders in the natural DHT blockers in terms of satisfaction in overall results and price. Its average price is $70 for a 3 month supply with the best outcome being seen in young men between the ages of 18 to 35. These tablets are taken one in the morning and another one before bedtime.

  • Avacor

This has a re-growth formula and DHT blocker that has received success in their male pattern hair loss. It costs an average of $240 for a 3 month supply for a product that offers options such as hair thickening serums, volumizing conditioners, detoxifying shampoos and thickening shampoos.

  • Cellstim-H Shampoo

This is an herbal hair and scalp cleanser approach shampoo. Both men and women can use it because it is a DHT blocker shampoo and also acts as a detoxifier. It removes the surface residue in the hair follicles making it to be considered as an effective approach in the promotion of hair growth.

  • NuHair DHT blocker hair re-growth tablets

It is a powerful DHT blocker that aims to prevent hair loss and thinning hair while supporting a nutritional method. This all natural approach aims to provide nourishment for scalp and hair as well as promoting hair growth.

The choice of the product to purchase can be determined by your budget or even the recommendation from your dermatologist. You need to note that it is important to consult a dermatologist before you use any of the tablets.For more visit http://www.smarthealthadvice.com/natural-dht-blockers/